We Can Design Anything

Your design is created out of 20 years experience designing wind, solar, and hydro solutions for businesses and residential properties. We’ll cut it, mold it, and design it any way you want it.

You can also incorporate various products at one time. Such as wind and solar on one roof for maximum energy independence.


Solar customers have the choice of any panel on the market today. As well as various designs, such as sun trackers, ground mounts, streetlights, thermal water heating, and floating docks for boats. Battery's are also provided so you will never lose power.


Hydroelectric can be done on any property with water. We have a variety water turbines and pumps available for any situation.

Car Charging Station

Car charging stations come with 2 or 4 chargers. Independent (non-grid tied) charging stations can be designed as well.


We have a wide variety of wind turbines available for residential and commercial customers alike.