Who We Are As A Company.

I am Joshua Dahlin the founder of Leap Enterprises LLC I have been in the energy industry since 2010. It started with deregulation of energy then moved strait to renewable energy. It as love at first sight. I have worked for the largest residential solar company in the United States as well as many smaller companies. Founding Leap Enterprises LLC in January 2016, with the primary purpose of bringing solar companies into Road Island.

Unfortunately all the companies I worked with could only supply one product with poor design. Most of the larger companies also encourage flat out lying to the customers about local incentives. Other companies were completely ignorant of local incentives and the customer’s design needs. 

Theis unethical practices made me break away from the industry as a whole. Then it hit me. I needed to get Leap Enterprises LLC into a customer driven environment. Putting honesty and customer needs above everything else. A rebranding was made focused solely on renewable energy incentives and design. Aligning myself with a local Rhode Island designer with over 20 years experience in wind, solar, hydro, and just about anything else you could think of. Armed with the knowledge of profitable incentives for customers and businesses, teaming with the designer who could make anything possible seemed like a no-brainer.

I wanted to make a difference. Not only for the environment itself, but the people who share the environment as well. I will go above and beyond to make the best design in the most profitable way. Also donating a percentage of everything to a local Rhode Island nonprofit. Putting our money where our mouth is. Leap actually stands for Love Earth And People.