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Best Design With
The Highest Profit

Renewable energy should be profitable. We'll help you understand the incentives so you maximize your profit.

Max Out the Incentives

Get a Custom Design that Works

Break Free from The Grid

Stop Listening To The
Pushy Untrained Sales Rep

You’ve met them. The guy in the green shirt at the hardware store chasing down 
your name 
and address so he can have a sales guy come out to your home.

If you’ve gone down that road, you know how pushy those folks can be. They don’t understand all the incentives, and you get the feeling they are trying to sell you the solution that works best for their business model – not necessarily your home.

We Can Design Anything

We have 20 years experience designing wind, solar, and hydro solutions for businesses and residential properties.

We’ll cut it, mold it, and design it any way you want it.

You can also incorporate various products at one time. Such as wind and solar on one roof for maximum energy independence.

The Leap Enterprises Experience

Step 1: Tell Us What You Want

First, we want to know what you’re after. Are you trying to control your rising electric costs?

Do you want to know you’ll have power through every storm? Are you looking to increase your property value so you can get more money for your home?

Whatever your ideal scenario is – tell us! We want to make sure you get it.

Step 2: We'll Give You Options

Some properties benefit from wind power. Others, from hydro-power. Sometimes it’s a combination! Maybe the solar panels belong on the roof, but they may work best on the ground.

You’ll have many options to consider – but we’ll help you find the one that:

  1. Generates the most electricity
  2. Carries the best financial incentives

Step 3: Decide What's Best For You

You’ll obviously need to compare the monthly cost of your new system, with the projected energy savings and incentive income.

The “best solution” is the one that works best with your budget, electric usage, and goals.

We’ll help you tweak the plan until it’s perfect. 

Choosing Leap Increases Your Profit