Renewable Energy
That Comes With
A Check

Renewable energy should be profitable. We'll help you understand the incentives so you maximize your profit.

Max Out the Incentives

Get a Custom Design that Works

Break Free from The Grid

We Can Design Anything

We have 20 years experience designing wind, solar, and hydro solutions for businesses and residential properties.

We’ll cut it, mold it, and design it any way you want it.

You can even use different products together. Put wind and solar on the same roof for maximum energy independence! 

The Leap Enterprises Experience

Step 1: Tell Us What You Want

First, we want to know what you’re after.

Are you trying to control your electric bill?

Do you want to know you’ll have power through every storm? Are you looking to increase your property value?

Whatever your goal is – we’ll make sure you get it!

Step 2: We Give You Options

Some properties benefit the most from wind. Others, from hydro-power. Sometimes it’s a combination! Maybe you should get solar panels, but maybe there’s a better solution.

Chances are you’ll have a lot of options to consider. Our suggestion will be one that:

  1. Generates the most electricity
  2. Gives you the best financial return 

Step 3: Decide What's Best For You

The “best solution” is the one that works best with your budget,electrical usage, and goals.

Finding that solution is simple once you compare the monthly cost of your new system, with the energy savings and incentives income.  

Choosing Leap Increases Your Profit

Most companies won’t give you all the options, because they don’t sell all the options. they’ll never suggest an option they can’t provide. 

That’s why Leap is different:

We can do it all..Roof Panels, Ground Mounts, Sun Trackers, Solar Thermal, Street Lights, Wind Power, Hydro-Power, Car Charging, Battery Storage, and more. If you can name it we can do it. 


1) I’ve been turned down for solar, can you still help?

YES! Most solar companies only install panels on the roof… but we may be able to install them using ground mounts. Wind and hydro may also work as solutions

2) How much will it cost?

That depends on a lot of factors. We’ll make sure before you pull the trigger you completely understand what your monthly cost will be, and how much you can expect back from incentives. Getting a quote is free.

3) What incentives are there?

Some incentives are from the federal government, others are from the state, and some from the grid. They change all the time, but don’t worry – we’re all over that.

4) What is Auto-Pilot?

Auto Pilot is a technology that takes all the electric suppliers in your area and gives you the lowest rate out of them all. We automatically switch you with no service interruption. The savings are guaranteed. 

5) Can I get Auto-Pilot if I don’t have renewable energy?

Yup. Next question 🙂

6) Does someone have to come look at my property?

Eventually yes, after a quick walk around we’ll know what solution will produce the most electricity. 

7) Will I have to sign anything? I’ve heard about some crazy stories and scams…

We’ve heard them too. So no, you won’t have to sign anything to get a quote from us.